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Researched & Written by Carol Anne Rayson, DCHM (Hons),HD (RHom.), RHN,CLASSICAL HOMEOPATH, Certified CEASE Therapist
Inspiring Homeopathy is a modern extension of Classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy, founded on many years of Case Studies and research into specific Remedies by the late Dr. Tinus Smits of the Netherlands. Dr. Smits, a Homeopath and Medical Doctor, studied, practiced and taught Homeopathy worldwide for over 30 years. Inspiring Homeopathy grew out of his need to address the phenomenon of stalled cases: whenthe use of well-indicated Remedies in the Classical treatment of the Individual /Constitutional and Accidental layers of chronic disease, started out well but after a time, failed to progress any further.

 Expanding on Hahnemann’s Miasmatic Theory of treating Chronic Disease, Dr. Smit’s observations convinced him that many of his patient’s energetic blockages were rooted in the universal challenges and struggles of being Human. In trying to cope with the universal human condition, patients were stuck in more complex, difficult-to-shift, multiple Layers, centrifugal forces blocking the Vital Force, thus stalling the path to complete Homeopathic cure. He identified these blockages as being caused by seven, specific, centrifugal forces, naming their imprints, the seven Universal Layers, because, in contrast to Individual and Accidental layers, the seven Universal layers are common to all human life, worldwide and can be treated individually using very specific individual Homeopathic Remedies. Below I have described these layers in more detail and on the following pages discussed the Nine Inspiring Remedies together with the seven Universal layers.

- INDIVIDUAL Layers are part of the personal process, not directly linked with the universal themes at patient linked to special past events.


- ACCIDENTAL layers are disturbances in the Vital Force of specific patients, directly related to specific disturbances in that patient’s life:  e. g,  accidents, vaccinations; pharmaceuticals; surgery & anesthesia; recreational drugs; toxic, insidious chemicals in the air, soil, water, crops and other food supplies, etc.


- UNIVERSAL layers are the 7 centrifugal forces which are part of every human being , (want of self-confidence; lack of self- love; lack of incarnation; lack of protection; old traumas; guilt and   disconnection with Self : the processes though which everyone has to pass at certain times, in order to reconnect with their centre, their self. They represent the way back into our centre.

The word Inspiring has it root in the Greek word, Spira, meaning Spiral; thus Inspiring Homeopathy initiates the action of entering into our own centre, our  Essence, our  Self, catalyzing the process of  resolution of our deeper problems.   Inspiring can also mean inhaling, which is our very first action in entering the physical world outside of the womb; our first act of acceptance of our physical state, thus Inspiring Homeopathy helps us relate to and learn through our experiences of this world. And finally, Inspiring also relates to being Inspired by our Self and the Cosmos, thus Inspiring Homeopathy helps us with our Spiritual growth, by connecting us with and keeping us in, harmony with a greater whole.

With abbreviated Synthesis

(I prescribe ascending Potencies of the Vibrational Homeopathic Remedies from I and E Organics Apothecary)

1.       CARSINOSINUM T58 - LAYER ONE (CONNECTING THE INNER FORCE) ESSENCE: WANT OF SELF-CONFIDENCE WITH WEAK DEFENSES. Wants to please everyone; avoids disapproval-seeks approval-fears mistakes; inability to refuse anything; sympathetic-occupied with the needs of others but unaware of his own; excessive sense of duty; workaholic; anticipatory anxieties; family history of cancer; fear of cancer-heights-spiders-mice-snakes; loves travel-nature-animals-sea-dancing-music; loves or fears thunderstorms

2.       CUPRUM METALLICUM - LAYER ONE (EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL)  ESSENCE: WANT OF SELF-CONFIDENCE WITH STRONG WILL. Holds everything under his control to prove his worth-plans everything; fear of failure; easily offended; mental & physical rigidity-lack of flexibility; always on time; never gives up-fanaticism; family history of heart disease; fastidious; ambitious-wants the best; hard-worker; responsible-aware of duty; respectful of rules-angry when others break them; convulsions; migraines; asthma; muscle cramps; spastic trembling-twitching; Raynaud’s-cold feet; cautious; likes security- not big risk-taker; hypochondriacal anxiety.

3.   CARC cum CUPRUM - LAYER ONE (COMBINATION OF 1 & 2)  ESSENCE: COMBINATION OF WANT OF SELF-CONFIDENCE WITH FEAR OF FAILURE. Combination of both CARS & CUPRUM’S mental, emotional and physical symptoms are expressed by the same person, dependent upon the circumstances.  Family history of cancer and heart disease; obstinate; fastidious in work-otherwise untidy; anxious; workaholic ameliorated occupation; punctual; easily offended; anticipatory anxieties.

4.       SACCHARUM OFFICINALE - LAYER TWO (FEAR OF ABANDONMENT BY MOTHER)  ESSENCE: LACK OF SELF LOVE WITH FEAR OF ABANDONMENT BY MOTHER AND FEAR OF NOT DESERVING MATERNAL LOVE. Family history of diabetes; lonely-forsaken feeling; needs cuddles, caresses and touch but refuses; loquacious because needs attention; alternating gentleness with aggression alternating with gentleness; jealousy because fear of losing beloved-parents or partner; irritable when hungry-ameliorated by eating; desires chocolate-sweets-cakes-fat-salt-butter-bread-sour; aggression after sweets, insatiable appetite-compulsive eating-bulimia-anorexia; discontented-hard to please; hot feet, painful menses, bruises easily.

5.       LAC MATERNUM - LAYER THREE (DISCONNECTED FROM MOTHER EARTH)  ESSENCE: LACK OF INCARNATION IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD. Floating, out-of-body sensations-mind and body separated;   feels invisible to others; lack of awareness of own identity, surrounding and own boundaries; difficulty concentrating; day-dreaming; tendency to procrastinate; lack of responsibility; vertigo; dizziness-fainting; clumsy-bumps into things-knocks things over-hurts himself; loves reading -escape from reality; exhaustion; weakness; lack of courage; diarrhea from anticipation; unable to tidy up at home; sees auras and ghosts.

6.       VERNIX CASEOSA - LAYER FOUR (VULNERABILITY, HYPERSENSIBILITY AND INSECURITY)  ESSENCE: LACK OF PROTECTION. Insecure; hypersensitive to noise-odours-wind-touch; disconnected from own needs & feelings- too involved in the problems of others; sympathetic but meddlesome; unaware of own boundaries-feels unprotected & porous; everything enters; no clear separation between reality & fantasy; fear of dark; feels guilty of not doing enough to help; weary-leaks energy; difficulty sleeping; easily misjudges then overreacts.

7.       RHUS-TOXICODENDRON - LAYER FIVE  (VICTIMISED FOREVER) ESSENCE: UNRESOLVED TRAUMAS OF THE PAST. Suppressed anger; hypersensitive to injustice; despondent-dwells on past disagreeable events-haunted by unpleasant thoughts; cannot forgive & forget; joint problems -stiffness; aversion to company; aggression; cursing & swearing; frequent urination-cystitis; desires privacy to weep; feels locked up-no way out-no escape; suicidal mania with fear of death; feeling of being dirty especially after sexual abuse.

8.       ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE - LAYER  (GOOD AND BAD)  ESSENCE: LACK OF UNIFICATION, FEELING OF SEPARATION FROM THE BODY, STRUGGLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL, AS IF TWO ALTERNATING STATES. Contradiction of will; irresolution; easily offended; paradoxical temper discontented; lack of confidence; fear of exams; memory loss; deafness; antisocial; desire to curse & swear; constipated; chilly; profound melancholy; physical symptoms also one good side-one bad side; sensitive to cold & drafts; constipated;  suspicious; clairvoyant; hallucinates-hears voices-sees dead people; want of moral sentiment.

9. HYDROGENIUM - LAYER SEVEN  (DISCONNECTION WITH THE SOUL)  ESSENCE: LACK OF CONNECTION WITH SELF; FEELING OF DISCONNECTEDNESS AND DESIRE FOR ONENESS. Lack of focus; lonely; indifferent-apathy; confusion; anger; morose; irresolution; distant; separate; isolated;   ineffective; reproaches oneself; irresolute-fear of making wrong choice; helplessness when partner dies or leaves; despair; thoughts of death.  ADVANCED STATE : strong feeling of connection with the Cosmos-God; as if in another dimension; feeling of body & soul separated; changed time conception; distortion of reality; paranoid; excited-makes many plans; sleeplessness; theorises & philosophises; spaced-out; as if in a dream; delusion of being super-human.