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Researched & Written by Carol Anne Rayson, DCHM (Hons),HD (RHom.), RHN,CLASSICAL HOMEOPATH, Certified CEASE Therapist
1. NATURAL ACTION:  Classical Homeopathy improves overall health, both locally & generally. Instead of just suppressing symptoms like many pharmaceutical drugs do, carefully selected Remedies are catalysts which initiate one’s natural state of well-being and quality of life, by boosting, directing and supporting  the body’s own self-healing mechanism. When prescribed by a qualified Practitioner, Homeopathy can help improve overall resistance to disease and infection, as well as providing lasting relief for many chronic conditions. Although gentle, the results can be powerful and long lasting.

2. HOLISTIC:   Homeopathy treats the individual as an Integrated Whole, acting on the Mental, Emotional & Energetic levels as well as the Physical level, re-aligning Constitutional Imbalance.

3. INDIVIDUAL:  There are over 3,000 Proven Homeopathic Remedies. No one Remedy fits one disease or one condition only. Remedies have a broad range of action and are prescribed with a customized posology for each individual patient, based on the individuality of each Remedy, in combination with the individuality of each patient and his unique Expressions, Modalities and Symptoms of disease. Changes, or any movements in symptoms are then tracked and the Remedy and, or posology may be further customized, dependent upon the changing needs and vitality of the individual patient.

4. SAFETY:   Homeopathic Remedies are naturally-sourced, virtually non-toxic substances which, when used correctly, produce no toxic side-effects and do not accumulate in body Systems or Organs. No Addictions, Dependencies nor Withdrawal symptoms are experienced. Classical Homeopathic treatment offers a gentle and non-invasive approach to health which is safe for all Life-stages, from Infancy to the Elder years.

5. COST EFFECTIVE:  Homeopathic medicines are surprisingly inexpensive when compared to over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Homeopathy is a proven and safe modality of Medicine with a 200 year old history of success, and  is the second most widely used system of medicine worldwide. Available in most countries, it is gaining popularity as a safe and cost effective alternative to many common, conventional pharmaceuticals.

6. INTEGRATIVE:  Homeopathic Remedies may be used independently or in conjunction with many other Alternative Modalities & Therapies, exercise programmes, Conventional Drugs plus most Nutritional Plans  (with the full knowledge of all Health Care Providers involved).

7. FAST ACTING FIRST AID RELIEF:  With the guidance of straightforward instructions, written by a qualified  Practitioner, Homeopathy can be safely used at home or in the workplace, to provide rapid relief for minor problems such as bruises, simple burns, sprains, insect bites & stings, gastric upsets, etc. plus self-limiting Acutes such as the common cold. However, more serious or Chronic complaints should be treated by a qualified  and accredited Homeopath.

8. HOUSEHOLD PETS & OTHER ANIMALS:  Homeopathic Remedies can be and are safely used on all household pets, farm animals, birds, bees, fish and wildlife. Animals are like infants and children in that they, most usually, have less accumulated emotional obstacles to cure, and  thus often experience the most astounding results.

9. NO ANIMAL TESTING:  Homeopathic Remedies are tested (proved) only on healthy humans, in order to determine the range of action of each individual remedy. No experimentation on helpless animals is involved.

10. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:  Furthermore, Homeopathic Remedies are non-toxic to the environment, or wildlife, they utilize minimal packaging material and therefore produce minimal waste.