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Researched & Written by Carol Anne Rayson, DCHM (Hons),HD (RHom.), RHN,CLASSICAL HOMEOPATH, Certified CEASE Therapist
Homeopathically-prepared Tissue Salts, (often called Cell Salts), form the basis of a unique system of cellular therapeutics first formulated and named by Dr. William H. Schuessler (1821-1898), a brilliant German Homeopathic Physician, Physicist and Chemist.  Dr. Scheussler was one of the first to investigate and treat disease at the cellular level:  paving the way for a branch of physiological chemistry, for which he coined the term, "Biochemistry", the chemistry of life.

Dr. Schuessler’s ground-breaking research in the mid 1800’s, revealed that for the maintenance of health, human cells require not only water plus organic nutritional matter, they are also dependent upon inorganic elements: minute amounts of mineral salts. He also discovered that when the human cell is reduced to ashes, 12 of these mineral compounds remain. He reasoned that although present in such small amounts, deficiencies  or imbalances of any of these 12 vital minerals (Tissue Salts) in living human cells, stopped organic materials from being assimilated and excreted, thus initiating various states of imbalance in cell function, leading to disease. He concluded, that in order to restore, regulate and maintain healthy cell functions, the deficient  Tissue Salts should be taken therapeutically,  in homeopathically-prepared micro doses which pass rapidly into the bloodstream and therefore into the cells.

Each of the 12 Tissue Salts is a verified, vital cell food, in complete harmony with the body’s own natural cellular structure; when homeopathically-prepared and given using easy-to-follow guidelines, each is safe for children, pets and adults alike. Their ease of use, affordability and efficacy, gentle mode of action plus lack of side effects, assures their continued use in the Homeopathic treatment of a myriad of acute and chronic diseases, worldwide, (I often prescribe them in my own practice; they are usually indicated as an integral part of CEASE therapy and Homeopathic detox). Tissue Salts can be taken as a stand-alone therapy, or inter-currently, along with other Homeopathic Remedies:  furthermore, they are safe to use with most supplement regimes and diet plans plus do not interfere with most conventional Prescription or Over-The-Counter drugs, (please check with your primary physician).

Here in Ontario, there are several brand choices: the original Schuessler formulations, Hyland’s or UNDA, to name a few of the most popular. For dogs and cats, I prefer the Hyland’s tablets which dissolve easily in the mouth or in water.  Many of the Schuessler Tissue Salt formulations are also sold as easy-to-administer sprays. All brands offer each of the 12 Tissue Salts in individual bottles, plus a General Tonic Combination of all 12. Additionally, the Schuessler brand offers many other combined Tissue Salt formulations, targeted at specific conditions, plus several specially-formulated, Children’s Combos. Below, I outline the highlights of each of the 12 Tissue Salts and several of the Combos. As with regular Homeopathic Remedies, Tissue Salts can be self-prescribed at home by the layperson for Acute conditions and First Aid; however, just as with all Homeopathic Remedies, I recommend seeking expert advice from your accredited Homeopath for any Homeopathic treatment of Chronic conditions and when first deciding which Tissue Salts will complement your natural health regime.

Should you have any additional questions with regards to Tissue Salts or any other Homeopathic needs, please call me at 647-292-2710 or email me at:

Good Health, Carol Anne.


1. CALC FLUOR Flexibility & Elasticity

Backaches, muscular strains/weakness, arthritis, injured joints, varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Poor condition of teeth enamel or diseases affecting the surface of bones.  Consider for constipation or brittle nails.

2. CALC PHOS Tooth Health Glandular Tonic

Bone afflictions, issues with teeth, growing pains, anemia, nasal polyps and enlarged tonsils. Slow circulation, puritis. Useful inter-current remedy as it often assists with the action of a more indictated Tissue Salt, producing more rapid results.

3. CALC SULPH Blood & Skin

Blood-cleanser and purifier, wounds, acne, adolescent pimples, gumboils, eczema, frontal headaches and neuralgia in the elderly. Supplements the action of Kali Mur.

4. FERR PHOS First Aid, Anti-inflammatory

Oxygenates the blood.  Colds, congestion, anemia- iron tonic, fatigue, high fevers, sinus headaches, ear pain, cuts & abrasions. First aid for muscular strains and sprains.  Excellent remedy for senior years and children’s ailments.

5. KALI MUR Glandular Tonic

Glandular & rheumatic swellings, can be complimentary to Calc Sulph for cleansing the blood. Particularly useful in children’s respiratory ailments such as sore throats, tonsillitis, bronchitis, middle-ear infections/ discharges. Can be alternated with Ferr Phos. Excellent for sluggish conditions and may be used with Nat Mur to aid slow digestion.  Thick, white/grayish discharges.

6. KALI PHOS Nerve Nutrient

Powerful action on brain and all nerve cells. Stress-induced headaches & insomnia, depression, weariness, grumpiness, neuralgic pain, shingles & sciatica. Nervous asthma.

7. KALI SULPH Skin, Scalp & Hair

Acts on the cells forming the lining of the skin and those forming the lining of internal mucosal lining of all internal organs.  Use for any green-yellowish discharges from any mucosal surfaces and for epithelial or epidermal scaling. Useful for Psoriasis, athlete’s foot, scaling scalp, brittle nails, yellow catarrh/mucous and joint pains.  When taken with Nat Mur & Silica alsohelps encourage healthy hair.

8. MAG PHOS Muscle & Nerve Relaxant

Acts on the nervous system and on muscular tissue ensuring ease of movement. Muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, stomach cramps & flatulence. Neuralgia, backaches, restless legs and shooting headaches. Acts more rapidly when taken with a sip of hot water.

9. NAT MUR Fluid Balance

Controls the ebb & flow of the bodily fluids, also strong affinity for nutrition and glandular activity. Closely associated with Dry skin, constipation, hay-fever, watery discharges, salt addiction, headaches and slow digestion.  Can be used in salt-free diets

10. NAT PHOS Acid Neutralizer

Helps regulate the consistency of bile and helps emulsify fatty acids.  Helpful for diarrhea, nausea & vomiting, indigestion & heartburn, jaundice & colic.  Helps with   Stiff, swollen, painful  joints   by helping prevent uric acid buildup.

11. NAT SULPH Water Eliminator

Aids in healthy function of the liver & kidneys by ensuring free flow of healthy bile and helping with disposal of toxic fluids.   Principle remedy in treatment of Influenza.  Important in the treatment of gout, rheumatism and sluggish digestion.

12. SILICASkin Cleanser, Perspiration Balancer

Deep and long-lasting action important where there is a history of deficient assimilation.  Effective for bones, joints, glands, defective nails and dry hair. Scars, acne and chronic skin conditions, tonsillitis and ear infections. Primary remedy for either offensive or suppressed perspiration. Excellent for poor memory and slow thought, especially in the elderly.

COMBO 12/BIOX11/ALL 12 Cell Salts General Tonic

Balances muscle tissue & overall cell function. For times of great physical and/or mental stress

KIDZ MINERALS BE CALM Mag Phos/Ferr Phos/Silica

Relief from irritability, anxiety, nervousness, over-sensitivity, over-excitability.

KIDZ MINERALS COLD & COUGH RELIEF KaliMur/Kali Sulph/Ferr Phos/Nat Mur

Relief for coughs &colds, mucous discharges, inflamed tonsils.