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Researched & Written by Carol Anne Rayson, DCHM (Hons),HD (RHom.), RHN,CLASSICAL HOMEOPATH, Certified CEASE Therapist

“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then pack only half the clothes but take twice the money”. – Unknown

We know this statement to be true but in today’s world, the other issue to which we need to pay attention when travelling is personal health. With this in mind, I suggest that you also tuck a travel-sized Homeopathic kit into your hand-luggage because during any trip, a carefully planned homeopathic kit is worth its weight in gold.

Be it a weekend at the cottage, camping in the woods, a cross-country road trip, a Caribbean Cruise, a climb in the Himalayas, or even business trips, there ARE specific Homeopathic Remedies which cover a wide range of minor mishaps and undesirable symptoms. Travel and change of place often initiate minor physical and/or emotional changes or accidents, most of which can be readily treated, using a well-equipped Homeopathic Travellers Kit. In more serious and isolated situations, Homeopathic First Aid may be one of the first lines of defence before professional medical help arrives.

I recommend two types of HOMEOPATHIC TRAVELLERS KITS: for shorter, more local trips, A POCKET-SIZED TRAVELLER’S KIT, containing 12 of the major Homeopathic first aid remedies, may suffice. For longer trips, especially abroad, a COMPREHENSIVE TRAVELLER’S KIT containing 36 Homeopathic Remedies which cover a much wider range of possible acute ailments, is suggested.

Prior to leaving on the journey, as well as purchasing the appropriate Kit, you should also acquire the basic knowledge of how to use Homeopathic First Aid, including how to select the appropriate Remedies for the different situations which may arise. I can provide both of these services. Please CLICK HERE to view the Homeopathy Specifics - 36 Remedies for the Traveller. You may consult with me to discuss the best-suited Remedies for your individual needs. Additionally, your Kit may customized and/or augmented, according to your family’s individual health requirements, combined with what may be common challenges in specific destinations, e.g jelly-fish stings or poison ivy. Furthermore, the Remedies in the kit can be also be customized for different destinations, plus all the travel-sized tubes of Remedies in the Kits are refillable. I can also provide a tutorial on the best use of your kit, for each destination.

Below, I have included, as a basic guideline only, a short-list of some of the more common and time-proven, Traveller’s Remedies, together with their corresponding ailments.

ARG.NIT: Fear of flying, anxiety, fear of heights & crowds, claustrophobia. Belching & flatulence

ARNICA: Bumps & bruises, abrasions, blisters, physical fatigue. Accidents, causing shock.

ARSENICUM: Food poisoning, diarrhea with weakness, vomiting. Physical prostration.

BELLADONNA: Sun headaches, sunstroke, red & hot, throbbing headaches, sudden fevers. Earaches.

CHINA: Dehydration, bloating & flatulence. Gastric Flu. Fevers with alternating chills, heat & sweat.

LEDUM: Puncture wounds. Swelling caused by animal & insect bites. Black eyes. Poison Ivy.

NUX VOMICA: Jetlag, hangovers, too much rich food, diarrhea with chills & pain. Constipation.

RHUS TOX: Sprains strains & stiffness, joint pain. Poison Ivy. Hives with itching & stinging. Shingles.

TABACUM: Seasickness & nausea, vomiting.

URTICA URENS: Itchy, allergic rashes from shellfish, sun, plants, nettles, bites & stings. Swelling of the feet & the ankles such as is caused by flying.

In summary, when travelling, near or far, plan ahead, be prepared and use common sense: pack your Homeopathic Traveler's Kit. As the old adage states, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Please remember that while all Homeopathic First Aid kits are your first lines of defense, serious ailments such as uncontrolled bleeding and breathing problems, plus injuries such as broken bones, need appropriate professional care , as do lingering symptoms which show no signs of improvement.