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I was raised in North East Scotland, then graduated with Honours in Art Education from the three year teaching program offered at Leeds University, England. As new graduates, my husband and I emigrated to Ontario where we have lived ever since.

My path to alternative medicine has its roots in my own childhood: eating simple, whole foods, spending abundant time playing out in the fresh air and having the usual bumps and bruises of childhood taken care of by Grandma's healing folk medicine.  From those memories, grew my dissatisfaction with the processed foods, vaccines and conventional medicines to which my own children were being exposed. My search for more natural ways of family life was  accelerated when one of our family's dogs was diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, a chronic disease in canines, about which very little was known at that time. Out of the frustration of not being able to find enough medical and dietary support to help manage my young dog's condition, I founded the first international Internet support group for guardians of dogs with EPI.

My experiences in trying to raise healthy children & helping sick dogs in a primarily pharmaceutically-driven world, led me back to a much deeper understanding of the crucial roles that whole foods, grown in the manner which nature intended & natural medicines play in supporting optimal health in all Beings. This initiated my more formal education in alternative medicine, graduating with Merit from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, followed with Honours in the three year course in Classical Homeopathy from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine.

Homeopathy is a lifetime study, therefore, to ensure the best care for my patients, I continually seek to expand my education & skills through research, seminars & courses. Recently, in order to help the escalating numbers of ASD children, I graduated with the first small group of Canadian Homeopaths qualifying as Certified CEASE Therapists. Currently, I am studying Homeoprophylaxis with the goal of qualifying as a HP Supervisor through Free & Healthy Children International. This an established team of international Homeopaths offering parents comprehensive, responsible & experienced guidance with Homeopathic alternatives to vaccines.

At the personal level, "CARPE DIEM" is the impetus which continues to drive my own life. I bring this credo to my practice and my interaction with my patients, assisting them in their goals of improved physical and emotional  health, through the gentle healing art of Homeopathy and the guiding principles of Natural  Nutrition.

"Homeopathy" is a Greek word meaning, "similar suffering" and is the name originally chosen by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in establishing his natural system of medicine in Germany, in the 1790's. Hahnemann was a brilliant, traditionally-trained, Medical Physician, Chemist and Linguist who became extremely disillusioned with the conventional medical practices of his time.

Patients were often so weakened by the extreme methods commonly used, that they consequently died from the medical treatment, rather than of the illness itself. Dr. Hahnemann left his medical practice, determined to devote his time and energies to seeking out safer and more curative methods of medicine. To support his growing family, he used his linguistic skills to teach languages and translate medical texts. It was during one such translation, regarding the curative powers of Cichona (a Peruvian bark), on malaria, that he experimented and unearthed the homeopathic reasons as to why cichona cured malaria so effectively. In chewing on the Peruvian bark himself, he made the stunning discovery that his own healthy body would temporarily produce the very same symptoms of malaria, as suffered by sick persons with the actual disease. From these humble beginnings, first experimenting with cichona, then other natural substances, in pharmaceutical studies, (Provings), on healthy persons including himself, Hahnemann established the first principle of Homeopathy, "Like Cures Like". He had discovered, "That substances which can produce a set of symptoms in healthy individuals, can also treat sick individuals manifesting similar sets of symptoms."

Continually investigating, refining his methods, seeking out the gentlest form of cure, Hahnemann discovered that by repeatedly succussing the dilutions of the compounds which he was testing, the resulting substances could then become even more effective in alleviating the very same symptoms in the sick. He named his new technique of successive succussions, "Potentization", which is the same method utilized today in formulating the many potencies of the thousands of Homeopathic medicines now in use. Dr Hahnemann continued practising and refining his gentle, healing art and science over many decades while curing the sick, teaching others, plus conducting Provings with numerous natural substances originating from plants, minerals and animals. To our very good fortune, he also had the foresight to methodically record all his observations, progress and Provings in the numerous books which are his great legacy to us all.

"The Organon of The Medical Art", is Dr Hahnemann's seminal work which forms the cornerstone of Classical Homeopathy as it is still practised and taught by Homeopaths worldwide, more than 200 years later.

Classical Homeopathy is based on the Law of Similars, "Similia Similibus Curantur", or "Let likes be cured by likes".

Homeopathic medicines called Remedies, are the carefully selected and prepared, potentized, infinitesimal doses of natural substances, extracted from plants, minerals animals and imponderables. All Homeopathic remedies have first been "proven", via administration to healthy people, in whom the remedies initiated specific symptoms, similar to the diseased condition. These proven homeopathic remedies may then be prescribed to match and treat the same presenting symptoms in diseased persons.

As an example, Allium Cepa is a Homeopathic remedy made from an extract of the raw, red onion. When chopping raw, red onions, this same, naturally occurring substance causes most healthy people to experience watery eyes and tearing. Therefore, Allium Cepa is a Remedy which is often prescribed to treat conditions that produce watery eyes and tears: e.g allergies, hay fever and the common cold. Using this same principal, Apis Mellifica is a Homeopathic Remedy made with diluted Honey bee venom. Honey Bees when in self-defence or attack-mode, discharge venom from their stingers, which causes swelling and itching in healthy people. Therefore, Apis Mellifica is a Homeopathic Remedy which is often prescribed to treat conditions that produce swelling, itching or stinging pains: e.g. edema, allergic shock, hives and bee stings.

The primary action of Homeopathic Remedies is upon the body's own innate, self-healing mechanisms, where they act as catalysts, stimulating and assisting the body in regaining both physiological and psychological balance. Classical Homeopathy is both a prescribing art and a medical science. The skilled Homeopath, through detailed Case-Taking, observes the patient, assesses the etiology, modalities, totality & hierarchy of past & presenting physiological and psychological symptoms, then uses his/her knowledge of Materia Medica & Symptomology, to select the best-indicated Remedy/ies. S/he then prescribes the appropriate potencies and dosing protocol, based upon the proven nature of the selected remedy, together with the nature of the presenting symptoms and the vitality of each patient. Adjusting the homeopathic prescription to the evolving needs of the individual patient, often achieves deep-acting and long-lasting cure.

                              Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Reasons to consider using Homeopathy:
Homeopathic Remedies are naturally-sourced, made from virtually non-toxic extracts which leave no drug residues. They do not accumulate in body systems and do not need detoxifying by the liver.
Additionally, Remedies are non-toxic to the environment and wildlife: minimal packaging is used, resulting in minimum waste.  No animal testing either, all homeopathic remedies are tested on healthy individuals.

Homeopathy is safe for all life-stages, including pregnant mothers, babies and the elderly. Additionally, Remedies can be safely used to treat all types of creatures, including cats & dogs, birds, fish, farm animals and wildlife.

Homeopathy treats the body as an integrated whole, promoting physiological, psychological and energetic well being. Remedies are non-suppressive, non-invasive, and do not compromise or weaken the immune system. They work with the body, gently stimulating and supporting its natural innate ability to self-heal.

Homeopathic treatment is highly individualized. Each Remedy is carefully selected, then each protocol & each dosage is customized to match the vitality, totality of symptom and the changing needs of the individual.

Homeopathy works effectively in a wide variety of acute and chronic problems including: First Aid; Grief, Trauma & Anxiety; Allergies; Infectious Diseases; Gums & Tooth problems; Seasonal Colds & Flu; Gynaecological difficulties; G.I problems etc. It also helps to reduce future problems by increasing the individual's strength and resistance. Even those with advanced, irreversible, organic pathology can often be helped to become stronger, while those in palliative care and at the end of life can be made more comfortable with Homeopathy.

Furthermore, compared to prescription and over-the-counter drugs, Homeopathic Remedies are very affordable. Some Health insurance plans cover Homeopathic treatments: those that are not covered, may be added to your annual Health Care expenses when applying for any applicable credit on your annual Income Tax Return.                               




Asthma; Bedwetting; Parasites; Ear infections; Tonsillitis; Teething; Measles; Chickenpox; Behaviour & Socialization problems; Fears; Digestive disorders; Constipation & Diarrhoea; Vaccinosis; Homeoprophylaxis; AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS (CEASE Therapy).


Menstrual irregularities; Fertility; PMS; Pregnancy; Menopause; Bladder infections; Cysts; Candidiasis; Varicose Veins; Incontinence; Hemorrhoids; Morning sickness; Post-partum depression; Separation; Divorce; Depression; Food Addiction.


Prostate; Impotence; Bladder Infections; Athlete's foot; Weight Gain; Divorce and Depression; Job Loss; Anxiety & Stress; Alcohol & Tobacco dependencies; Ulcers & Hernias; Liver.


Accidents; Bug bites/stings; Colds & Flu; Seasonal Allergies; Sore throats; Stomach upsets & Diarrhoea; Sports injuries; Marathon training & Competitive sports; Muscle sprains & strains; Bone & Joint injuries; Parasites; Grief & Loss; Trauma; S.A.D.


Allergies; Acne; Psoriasis & Eczema; IBD & IBS; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Fibromyalgia; Back pain; Arthritis; Sleep disorders; Migraines; Aging; Depression.


Cats & dogs; Puppies & Kittens; Elderly Show dogs; Pregnancy; Skin & Coat Conditions; Urinary problems; GI Tract; EPI; Kidney Support; Behavioural Problems; Separation Anxiety; Vaccinosis.



Only a few provinces in Canada have enacted legislation requiring proof of immunization for school entry. These provinces are Ontario, Manitoba and New Brunswick and all three provinces have exemption clauses written into the legislation which, guarantee parents the right to refuse vaccination for their school age children for reasons of conscience or religion or if they believe vaccines would be harmful to their children’s health.

Medical exemptions are permitted as well if a health problem is deemed to be a contraindication to vaccination. There are no laws in Canada that can force vaccination on anyone, and there are no laws that require infants to be vaccinated. Ontario's Immunization of School Pupil’s Act (1982), which mandates vaccinations for school children, contains the exemption form which permits parents to opt out of vaccinations for their school age children.
 class= This form is available upon request from all health units in the province, and a copy of the Act is available from the Ontario government bookstore at 880 Bay Street in Toronto for a nominal cost of $2.50 plus shipping. The form must be notarized to be deemed valid.

SOURCE: Vaccination Risk Awareness Network.

March 2013